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Scott Eastwood
is wanted for an ex boyfriend with Morgan Walker.

So this guy is Morgan’s Morgan's ex-boyfriend. Now they never formally broke up as he was in the military/navy/air force and he was pronounced killed in action. However, he survived and some how makes it to Whitewood Falls. So he turns up and finds out Morgan now has a kid and I imagine when he finds out the kids exact parentage would make him super jealous. His goal would be to meddle with Morgan’s current or in the works relationships in hopes of winning Morgan back. However he is not likely to win Morgan back as his sole purpose is to stir up jealousy with Morgan's actual current love interest. However, unless it turns to a polyamorous relationship it should stick to that path. Personality wise he is meant to be more bright and sunny, think of the opposite of Derek Hale for example. His name is open to you the player but he could be a werecreature on returning to Whitewood. But he was human before he left, in fact he was going to propose to Morgan and hid the ring which Morgan found after he was labelled KIA. He should be older then Morgan, so likely in-between 29 and 35.

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Colton Haynes
is wanted for ship with name.


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